Modal Records is home to the various projects of UK artist, songwriter and producer Atheen. In addition to artist releases, library music is available for licensing and you can commission Atheen to compose custom music for your project.

Our primary genres are Jazz / Jazz Funk / Nu Jazz and include vocal tracks and instrumentals.

Latest Artist Releases

1st March 2019.

Atheen has returned to her Jazz Funk roots with this debut release on Modal Records.

Modal Records Production Music

Digital Life

Description: Arpeggiated analogue sounds give an industrial feel. Supported by piano chords and analogue pad. BPM: 120 P.R.O.: PRS Keywords: industrial, work, technical, conveyerbelt Time Signature: 4/4 Length: 1:58 Moods: industrious, cheerful Key: D...

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Description: A lively and cheerful piece with piano, acoustic guitar, harp and drums. BPM: 120 P.R.O.: PRS Keywords: light, fun, cheerful, bouncy Time Signature: 4/4 Length: 2:26 Moods: lively, happy, cheerful Key: C Composer: Atheen Cleared For Sampling:...

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Legacy Releases


Shine was submitted to Atheen while she was writing for her debut album. Although originally planning to write the entire album herself, she immediately loved the song and decided that it would be a perfect fit. It was also the second single...

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Now There Is Nothing

It was originally intended that Atheen would provide piano and strings for this Nick Ward penned duet and that her guide vocal would be used to attract a high-profile female artist on board. However the track ended up getting released as it was....

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Waited (single)

Waited came about as the result of a trip to Hong Kong. Following the end of her first record deal, Atheen was looking to develop some new music and while in Hong Kong discovered KTV with a wonderful array of artists such as Stefanie Sun YanZi,...

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