Production Music

Browse our range of production / library music, available for instant download and cleared for sampling. We’ll be adding filter and search options shortly. Purchase and licensing options are shown individually for each piece of music.

Spring To Life

Description: A delicate, uplifting piece that starts with piano and gradually builds with orchestral instruments. BPM: 100 P.R.O.: PRS Keywords: delicate, spring, awakening, light, airy Time Signature: 4/4 Length: 1:50 Moods: happy, cheerful Key: C#...

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Hire Car

Description: A fun, comedy style piece with honkey tonk piano and pizzicato. BPM: 120 P.R.O.: PRS Keywords: comedy, advertising, fun, energetic Time Signature: 4/4 Length: 1:06 Moods: cheerful, crazy, happy, playful Key: C Composer: Atheen Cleared For...

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Bright Strings

Description: An elegant, sophisticated piece of music featuring harp and piano. BPM: 130 P.R.O.: PRS Keywords: advertising, corporate, strings, piano, pizzicato Time Signature: 4/4 Length: 1:45 Moods: happy, relaxed, elegant, sophisticated Key: A Composer:...

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Digital Life

Description: Arpeggiated analogue sounds give an industrial feel. Supported by piano chords and analogue pad. BPM: 120 P.R.O.: PRS Keywords: industrial, work, technical, conveyerbelt Time Signature: 4/4 Length: 1:58 Moods: industrious, cheerful Key: D...

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Description: A lively and cheerful piece with piano, acoustic guitar, harp and drums. BPM: 120 P.R.O.: PRS Keywords: light, fun, cheerful, bouncy Time Signature: 4/4 Length: 2:26 Moods: lively, happy, cheerful Key: C Composer: Atheen Cleared For Sampling:...

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